Our Services

Our Services

The very first thought that comes in your mind and is the common concern of all customers willing to shift is the care and safety of your belongings with which you are having tremendous value attached to it.
We, at NCC Packers and Movers understand your emotions attached to your belongings. To encounter this, we have developed best packing and transportation services as a solution to all your shifting problems. We carry essential items of proper sealing, packing, carrying and resettling the goods heavy or light at your preferred destination.
We take pride in considering ourselves the best relocation company which uses the international quality materials & vehicles to protect your goods from physical damage, moisture or dust. Our team of trained experts has developed various ingenious solutions for all the problems that may be encountered during relocation.
We follow certain distinctive precautions while loading the goods like items having religious significance are labeled and placed on top, so that no one accidentally steps on them by putting stickers.
While transportation of goods, we ensure ‘0’ transshipment to prevent physical damage. Our vehicles ensure that all you’re delicate and priceless belongings travel in a wrapped form in total comfort and maximum security to reach the destination in perfect shape.
Temporary Safe storage options are also provided in our nationally standardized warehouses according to your requirements such as house far off location being ready to move in. We, NCC Packers and Movers ensure that ‘Nothing other than the place changes…’ We shoulder your all concerns by putting you at complete ease.

Domestic Relocation

NCC movers & packers have conceived convenient and accomplished methods to move its customers' households or vehicles anywhere within the territory. Our services are designed adeptly to meet the maximum customer satisfaction, and they are also provided in such a way that comes out high on the expectations of our clients.

Considered as the leaders in Packing & Moving business, we are best known for offering unique, abundance of well organized moving services in the domestic sector. We ensure that divergence of any form, do not creep in and hamper our efficiency.

Thus, as our customer, you can be secure completely of aiding the safest and faster services, which are being executed at the right time, whereby ensuring that the goods get delivered to you in the intact condition.

Our dedicated and committed team puts utmost sincerity and hard work into the entire packing and moving process. Packing materials like bubbles, corigated boxes, corigated sheets, raper films are used to provide complete safety to your valuable household items and protection against any kind of wreckage during transition.

That is what makes us one of the foremost service providers in this sector nationally. We have a boastful clientele that makes us feel proud of our services and staff at the end of each passing day.

Home Storage/Furniture Transit

In some cases, relocating customers have not decided their destination and require a secure place to store their household goods; few might be waiting for a new home to be built, few might be travelling overseas for a brief period of time just to undertake new assignments, others might be moving into an apartment that can't accommodate all of their goods, and thus, need extra space. Bottom line is if you can't move it, then NCC Packers and Movers Household Removals and Storage service is there to store your household goods for as long as you need.

We at NCC Packers and Movers, have been acknowledged as one of the eminent House Storage service providers in Bangalore. We offer short and long-term storage options in our warehouses which can safely and securely lodge a diversity of moved storage items.

We are a branded moving company, certified under ISO, and provide highly-custom built Home Storage services that permit you to stock your goods at our warehouses for an unspecified time period, until your need does not overtired . Our warehouses are palatial, completely safe, and spread in Bangalore, wherever road transportation could be made available.

Office & Industrial Transfers

We perceive that resolution to perform absolute relocation of your business to a new place is annoying or unsafe. But, it sometimes becomes necessary and you can’t avoid it. With assistance from experts in office relocation, you can solve out the problem.

We are NCC Packers and Movers; offer workplace relocation or house relocation services for our customers across Bangalore. Let us help you deal with this challenging task of transferring to a new place. We ensure you of flawless transportation of all goods you have.

When you contact us, you do not have to worry over anything as we are going to take care of everything from – moving office infrastructure, packing fragile IT equipments, loading and unloading, unpacking, safety, security etc.

When you are with us, you retain your precious time and money. If you think of relocating on your own then it can be irksome additionally time consuming. Moreover, this might also bring for you additional charges which you may have to face when unintentional damage of your office infrastructure while loading or unloading, or during transportation. So, why to take a chance? We, at NCC, are experienced and have skilled experts whom you can trust. We commit of the best corporate relocation services.

We promise of rewarding experience of relocation. Yes, we are committed to carrying out office shifting or commercial shifting services in the best way. We ensure you of transparency in our process. We help you not just with transportation of all your office or house infrastructure or equipments but we also assist you with framing up your new place in the possible way and to the extent we can.